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Seattle Wellness Group
Seattle Wellness Group

Chiropractic Care if essential to your overall wellness and health. Many do not realize the benefits of Chiropractic Care until they begin to see results. Here at Seattle Wellness Group we aim to provide each patient with individualized programs and custom plans. Additional services include massage and orthotics.

Kinetic Sports Rehab

Kinetic Sports Rehab is something different. We understand Seattleites work hard and play hard – there’s no time to waste on ineffective treatment. That’s why at Kinetic Sports Rehab, we focus on the solution and not merely chasing symptoms. We’re a place where you can receive the same care as professional athletes; care that is delivered by an exceptional team who holds your goal(s) as their top priority.


At LUFT we focus on the individual to optimize your Pilates experience. Our modalities include Physical Therapy, Private Pilates sessions as well as small Pilates Group classes. Each session or class will combine elements of strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio training tailored to fit the clients specific goals and create a dynamic whole mind-body experience. Strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles and tone your body. We are LUFT Pilates Reinvented.


Good Natured Medicine offers a holistic practical approach tailored to your individual health needs. If you need medical guidance and practical support in recovering from anxiety/depression, allergies, eating disorders, migraines, digestive, thyroid and sex hormone imbalances. Dr. Lisa Chavez has a background in biochemistry, with post graduate training in Craniosacral therapy, Homepathy, Hypnotherapy, and NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique).

Visiting Angels of Greater Seattle

Visiting Angels, America’s Choice in Homecare, is a non-medical homecare agency providing personalized care including companionship, bathing assistance, meal preparation, errands, medication reminders, light housekeeping, respite care and more. We offer a free, complementary in-home assessment to determine the needs of our clients and their families.


Seattle Yoga Lounge
Seattle Yoga Lounge

We offer a creative, challenging and approachable flow for all students. We pride ourselves in creativity and encourage individuality while you practice. We help guide you into a new sense of body awareness, confidence and strength. Be a part of the amazing yoga community we are building. Your mat is waiting for you.

Green Lake Primary Care

Practicing medicine is an honor; it is the opportunity to partner with individuals of all ages in their health care by listening and learning what is important to them to achieve wellness, both in mind and body. Every provider at our clinic has been in practice for at least 10 years. Greenlake Primary Care offers a place for excellent physicians to practice medicine the way it should be done – with adequate time to meet the needs of our patients, while respecting our own families’ needs. We see patients of all ages, from newborns, to geriatrics. We have Board Certified Specialists in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. We welcome new referrals!

Green Lake Massage Health Center


Green Lake Massage Health Center provides excellent massage and acupuncture care by experienced practitioners. We are absolutely committed to providing our patients with top quality care by actively working with local doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to create manageable treatment plans for speedy recovery and rehabilitation.

Abintra Wellness Center

We offer Rehabilitative and Wellness Massage, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork and Movement, and Food Healing. Our massage therapy ranges from the basics of Swedish Massage and Foot Reflexology; to various forms of Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Positional Release work; to the Trager®Approach’s movement-work-on-the-table; to Pregnancy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage.

Full Circle Natural Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is founded on trust—trust in the body’s innate ability to heal; trust in the natural remedies that support healing; and trust in advances in both science and medicine which have provided an even greater understanding of the healing process of the human body. Naturopathic physicians partner with their patients by combining natural remedies with dietary, exercise, and lifestyle changes to promote healing, while leveraging mainstream medical therapies when necessary.

Lifestyle Chiropractic
Lifestyle Chiropractic


The purpose of your first visit to LC is for us to gather as much information as possible about your health concerns and to discuss your health goals. After this initial consultation, a comprehensive examination of your spine and nervous system will be performed to detect the presence of spinal misalignments (subluxations).

SkinLogic Med Spa
SkinLogic Med Spa
Skin Logic

Our mission is to promote optimal health of the skin by providing the highest quality, comprehensive, personalized esthetic care.  We offer a full line of services for your convenience.

Spavia Green Lake
Spavia Green Lake

Spavia offers high quality, customized, affordable spa services in a relaxing atmosphere. We alleviate stress and tension through our massage, facial, and body treatments. Spavia is your spa. We provide ultimate relaxation and exceptional experience for our members and guests. We are leaders by the way we are changing the perception of spas. The spa experience is no longer a costly luxury-Spavia is for anyone who wants to frequently relax, escape, and thrive. We are contributors. Company-wide, we value and contribute to the social causes in our communities. What you need more often. We are here to make the health benefits of massage and spa treatments part of your everyday life.

Modo Yoga
Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga is a hot yoga sequence designed to strengthen and tone the muscle while increasing flexibility and calming the mind. We are an eco-friendly studio with classes accessible to all levels. Calm Mind, Fit Body, Inspired Life.

Timeless Health
Timeless Health

Dr. Fandel’s philosophy of medicine is focused on treating the whole person; body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Fandel takes the time to listen, understand, and educate each patient at every visit.  Through conversation and a detailed history, Dr. Fandel gathers an understanding of the root cause of a patient’s complaint. While Dr.Fandel operates a general practice, her expertise is in anti-aging(both men and women) and dermatology

Evolve Chiropractic Studio
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With a passion for helping people open to what is possible in their healing and wellness journey, Dr. Justin specializes in creating lifelong, pain free health. Through the application of specific, gentle Chiropractic care, Dr. Goslin alleviates pain and physical dysfunction in every individual in order to allow their maximum health goals and wellness potential to be attained.

Transformational Oncology Center

Patients’ love Dr. Russo because they always leave his office feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated. He has a warm and calming demeanor that helps you through your healing path. Treatments are very gentle and he is articulate at communicating to you every step of the way. Whether you are going through cancer treatment or you have a chronic condition that will not resolve, Dr. Russo will meet you where you are at and will give you relief.

Transformational Oncology Center (TOC) supports you at multiple levels (physical, energetic, and emotional) in order to create a transformational healing process. Dr. Russo uses a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, energetic balancing and food therapy specifically designed for your health condition. He also customizes classes for individuals or small groups in acupressure, meditation, breathing exercises, five element food therapy, and energetic exercises. These classes enhance the ability for your body, mind and spirit to unite and to heal together.

Iora Primary Care
Iora Primary Care

Iora Primary Care is a doctor’s office dedicated to—and designed especially for— adults 65+. Our care team, which includes doctors, a behavioral health specialist, Health Coaches and others, who work together as advocates for each patient in order to treat the whole person. What that means is that we know our patients by name and spend as much time as they require in order to understand their health needs and goals. Find out more by contacting us below or call us to tour of our clinic and/or a chance to meet the Care Team.

House Calls Seattle
Dandelion Nutrition
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